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The 7 Elements of Leadership

Our life revolves around the number 7… Our tools teach you how to get things done and achieve your goals by breaking the big picture down into 7 key focus areas or elements.


Learn how to tap into unlimited levels of personal confidence and reach the peak of Maslows Hierarchy of needs as you become more self actualised. When you understand how to draw upon confidence from within everything changes.


If you want to lead people toward something you must be able to see it clearly first! Get clear on the direction you are headed and develop a clear and compelling vision of the future. Great leaders see the world not as it is, but how it could be.


Vulnerability is a sign of courage and strength not one of weakness. Learn to drop your defences and stand before people with 100% trust and faith in yourself, your story and your ability. Remove your fear of failure and develop the skills to always be completely open honest and authentic.


Master the art of communication and build rapport using more than words. Communication or lack there of is the number one thing people complain about in their leaders. Being effective is not about more words, its about clarity, connection and relevance.


Great leaders develop new leaders. Growth is one of the most critical elements of leadership, if you aren’t growing yourself you mustn’t be growing others and without growth we have stagnation. Coaching others toward success and stretching comfort zones is a daily practice for extraordinary leaders.


No matter how great you are at building relationships, developing others and influencing change – none of it counts unless you can deliver! Learn how to use the high performance key focus areas and implement simple habits to regularly measure and monitor your teams success.


Resilience is about the art of the come back! Ensure you and your team are made up of durability and bounce rather than being fragile and easy to shatter. Developing skills and capabilities in each of the other 6 elements is only maintained if you have resilience.

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