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The 7 Elements of Life

Our life revolves around the number 7… Our tools teach you how to get things done and achieve your goals by breaking the big picture down into 7 key focus areas or elements.



Expand your potential by developing a positive mindset, reducing stress and developing a passion for life long learning. Under the brain element we set goals around learning, reading, meditating, mental fitness and thinking big!



Increase your energy and vitality through healthy habits. Under the body element you can set goals to get you moving with more physical activity, introduce more nutrient rich foods into your diet, get a massage, see a health specialist or pamper yourself at a health retreat.



Design your ideal environment and make your home a haven. Under the being element we aim to create a wonderful world around us. Goals might include a spring clean, an office makeover or renovating a bedroom. Perhaps there is a dream location you’d love to move to or maybe you just want to plant some veggies in the garden?



Build rewarding relationships by investing in the people who matter the most. Have you let some of your relationships slip? The love element invites you to set goals that will improve realationships with family, friends and colleagues. Spend more time doing things you love with the people you love.



Get more out of each day! You will never find the time to accomplish everything you want too, you need to prioritise and make the time. Ask yourself “if money was no object and I could spend my time doing anything, what would I do?” What are some of the things you might do? Set goals that get you organised and establish daily, weekly and monthly rituals to get much more out of life.



Find your way to financial freedom! Under the money element set goals to get in a better financial position now and for the future. Start by assessing where you are now, then a plan to save, then plot your growth and create a plan to retire wealthy early! Life is amazing when money isn’t a worry. The more money you earn the more good deeds you can do.



Re-light the fire in your belly and spend more time doing the things you love. Intrinsic motivation is best maintained by doing the things you love. Find out what your natural character strengths are and set goals that bring an element of passion back into every day.

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