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Ultimate 2 Day Coaching Masterclass

Master the art of coaching and advance your leadership impact!

Do you know what it takes to rise above the cult of the average and be level 5 leader?

Are you ready to take your leadership impact and value to the next level?

Well… if you are then there is one key skill you MUST not only develop, but also make a genuine commitment to master. When you master this one key skill you will dramatically increase your impact and your value as leader.

You will deliver higher quality results with less time, effort, stress and pressure, and you will be able to inspire those around you to achieve things they never thought they were capable of.

In fact learning to master this skill really is the only sustainable way to continually advance your career and your leadership effectiveness.

“Great leaders don’t create followers, great leaders create more leaders”

John C Maxwell

What is that one key skill? Why it’s COACHING… of course!

Now we’re not just talking about being able to talk someone through their performance development plan and get a few goals in writing. Nor are we talking about simply having the confidence to hold people accountable or have the “tough conversation” (although many people tell us there is nothing simple about that… my answer is – it can be when you know how to coach!). Ok, we know that managing the tough stuff and performance development plans matter, but the truth is, when you learn to really master the art of coaching all that “stuff” seems to vanish into the back ground.

You start to understand and problems at a whole new level, you develop a whole new perspective on working with and leading others. You adopt a whole new mind for finding solutions!

Would you like to become a coach that knows how to get to the root cause of ANY situation and create change where it matters most? If this is an area you feel ready to develop then take the opportunity to join us for an intensive two day Master Class in coaching.

This one off event will only run once this year and there will be only 10 places available!

This two-day master Class is for…

  • People who want to advance their coaching to the next level
  • People wanting to build a coaching business and brand
  • Leaders who want to grow themselves and their team
  • People who want to increase their personal and professional development
  • Those who want to make a difference in other peoples lives

Day 1: The Mind of a Master Coach

  • Understanding how master coaches change lives
  • Tapping into your own Coaching purpose and mission:

    – What inspires you
    – Why do you want to grow and inspire others?

  • Skills Test – how to identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Developing your own style to leverage your “coaching strengths”
  • Advancing your skills by managing your “coaching weaknesses”
  • Building on the basics – how to take the common coaching principles to the level of mastery;

    – SMARTA Goal Setting
    – The T-GROW Model
    – Active Listening
    – Constructive Questioning

  • Coaching ethics the importance of confidentiality and understanding health & safety/ mental health issues
  • What do you want to be known for?

    – Drafting your personal coaching brand and identity

Day 2: Mastery in Practice

  • Less is more – how to truly listen by developing your sensory acuity

    – V.A.K. Cues
    – Reading between the lines with NLP
    – Tuning into body language

  • Reading and working with peoples representational systems to gather data
  • Using language to change minds and break through belief barriers
  • Clean language and the art of questioning
  • How to suspend your judgment and let go of your need to “rescue” everyone
  • The importance of building motivation – how to spot it and what to do if its not there
  • Where to from here – coaching as a craft

    – Leadership and career goals
    – Your ideal working life
    – What type of coach do you want to be?


“I attended a fabulous workshop at Adelaide Uni with Jodie, it was life changing and, as always, popped up at the perfect time, so thank you! Jodie your energy and commitment to the group was really amazing and we all got so much more out of it as a result. Yay for you! It feels great to have completed and achieved some of my goals.”
Jen Hill
“I came in feeling confused & lacking direction, & walked away feeling hopeful and inspired. I’ve learnt a lot about myself from going through this process.”
“Jodie is a remarkable individual. She is passionate, articulate and driven by strong values. Jodie’s style cuts through to engage with people on a personal level and deliver meaningful results. She gets you thinking and thinking differently about managing the tough stuff.”
Justin, CEO
“Highly recommend The 7 Effect team. Been working with them in the past year and seen amazing results in my life, truly great mentors and very inspirational.”
Helen Eleni Lipitkas
“What a team! Amy and Jodie from The 7effect provided a great all-day Ultimate Life Planning Workshop which has helped me clarify what I want in life and most importantly helped me on my way to making it real. Thanks ladies for such a great day and for providing it in such an honest and authentic way. Highly recommend!”
Belinda Wade
“These ladies are brilliant. Always inspiring and effective in leading by example.”
Diane Kenney

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