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Ultimate Leadership Planning Workshop

Invest a day design your year!

In a world that never rests it’s easy for leaders to adopt a permanent state of busyness, in fact for some being “busy” is a way of life! Busyness is rarely better… it consumes more energy, produces higher stress levels and creates a reactive and defensive work environment.

Are you ready to stop being busy and get focused with a strategic leadership plan?

Make a commitment to lead the next 12 months with clear strategic direction, and focus your time and energy on the things that get results. When you attend the Ultimate Leadership Planning workshop you will learn how to design a year of high performance outcomes by engaging and leading your team with greater confidence, clarity and vision.

The workshop will also provide you with a simple and effective High Performance Planning framework that will allow you to embed direction, accountability and measurable outcomes for years to come!

“Do what everyone else isn’t doing!”

Key Topics

  • Focus on what works: What really drives high performance?
  • Critical skills to master: The 7 Elements of Leadership (Confidence, Vision, Authenticity, Communication, Growth, Delivery, Resilience)
  • Transformation from the inside out: Debriefing your Leadership Audit
  • Clarity and direction: Designing your year around high performance focus areas
  • The 4 Leadership Fundamentals: Vision, mission, values and measures
  • Leading fearlessly: How to be constructive by nature
  • The ultimate approach: Developing a 12 month Leadership Plan
  • Sustainable success: Establishing regular habits, check points and tracking systems

Implement A System That Works!

At The 7 Effect our education is focused on understanding the science and psychology behind human behaviour and our goal is to develop leaders who are constructive by nature. We show our clients how to get beneath the surface and resolve the real issue with the right solution so that “common people problems” become a thing of the past.

At the end of the workshop participants will have a clear and compelling 12 month strategic leadership plan as well as a deeper understanding about what drives high performance in the workplace.


“I attended a fabulous workshop at Adelaide Uni with Jodie, it was life changing and, as always, popped up at the perfect time, so thank you! Jodie your energy and commitment to the group was really amazing and we all got so much more out of it as a result. Yay for you! It feels great to have completed and achieved some of my goals.”
Jen Hill
“These ladies are brilliant. Always inspiring and effective in leading by example.”
Diane Kenney
“Jodie is a remarkable individual. She is passionate, articulate and driven by strong values. Jodie’s style cuts through to engage with people on a personal level and deliver meaningful results. She gets you thinking and thinking differently about managing the tough stuff.”
Justin, CEO
“I came in feeling confused & lacking direction, & walked away feeling hopeful and inspired. I’ve learnt a lot about myself from going through this process.”
“What a team! Amy and Jodie from The 7effect provided a great all-day Ultimate Life Planning Workshop which has helped me clarify what I want in life and most importantly helped me on my way to making it real. Thanks ladies for such a great day and for providing it in such an honest and authentic way. Highly recommend!”
Belinda Wade
“Highly recommend The 7 Effect team. Been working with them in the past year and seen amazing results in my life, truly great mentors and very inspirational.”
Helen Eleni Lipitkas

One On One & Tailored To You

This one-day workshop is hands on and personal, you will work directly with Jodie and Amy to set your goals and complete a Leadership Plan that’s tailor made for you. It is not a conference so places are limited to 20 people. You will leave with a clear head and comprehensive plan that will help you transform your leadership skills.

You Get Everything You Need

  • Pre workshop Leadership Audit
  • Leadership Plan template
  • Leadership Journal & Stationery kit
  • Delicious healthy lunch and snacks

Ready to take the lead?


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