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Lifestyle Business Builder Mastery Program

The Freedom You Want – Doing Work You Love

Lifestyle Business Builder is an intensive mastermind and coaching program for people who want to build a profitable 6 figure lifestyle business as a transformational coach, consultant, or expert in absolutely any industry niche.

We give you the exact same steps and business building formula we used to create a multiple 6 figure business whilst working 3 days a week, 10 months of the year.

Lifestyle Business Builder Mastery is a proven success formula, that when applied, will help you design, launch, and grow any service or knowledge-based business.

If you want to earn a 6 figure income, doing work you love, whilst working part time then the Lifestyle Business Builder is exactly what you need.

Get the life you want in a Lifestyle Business designed by YOU for YOU!

What is Lifestyle Business Builder?

It’s a 12-month mastermind and coaching program that will teach you how to design and launch your own lifestyle business where you will do great work as a transformational coach, consultant, expert advisor in absolutely any industry niche.

What is a Lifestyle Business?

A lifestyle business is a business designed to fit around YOU and your lifestyle.

Bloomberg reports that 80% of start-up entrepreneurs fail in their first 18 months, and of the 20% that survive many find themselves working long hours, for little pay, and having even less free time than when they were working full time for someone else!

Lifestyle Business Builder teaches you how to be part of the 20% that succeed and ensure your success doesn’t cost you your life.

We teach you how to design a business that gives you the freedom and the lifestyle you want, and because you’re building a knowledge and service based business you don’t need a heap of capital to get started.

No expensive overheads, no staff costs, and no product or holding costs.

You simply package up your skills, knowledge, and experience into high-value products and services allowing you to earn the income you need, whilst working the hours you want.


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