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Master the art of Influence & Effective Leadership

2 Day Intensive Masterclass

For Leaders, Coaches & Consultants

NLP Masterlclass – May 18 & 19

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$1,200 all inclusive

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May 18 & 19
9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue TBA

2 Day Intensive Masterclass

During this intensive two day program certified NLP Master Practitioners Jodie Nevid and Vasso Fessas will introduce you to a powerful and practical NLP toolkit that will dramatically improve the way you lead, coach and influence others. If you’re ready to unlock human potential, influence change and coach people for growth then this masterclass is a MUST!

DAY 1 – NLP From The Inside Out

Personal growth is always an inside-out job, that’s why we begin our journey working on YOU! Prepare to go deep and unlock your true potential as we delve into your unconscious mind and create change that lasts.

  • Introduction to Mastery
  • How to use NLP to be Effective
  • The Communication Model
  • Values & Beliefs
  • NLP Presuppositions
  • Powerful Strategies to Build Trust & Rapport

DAY 2 NLP Processes To Create Change

Once you’ve done the work on yourself you’re ready to make an impact on others. On day two Jodie & Vasso share their NLP toolkit and introduce you to the fastest and most effective way to have a positive impact on others!

  • Using the Meta Model
  • The Cartesian Quadrant
  • Your Prescription for Change
  • How to Apply Anchoring
  • Mastering Clean Language
  • 6 Steps to Shift the Unconscious Mind